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GCD is the first and the only social enterprise in Thailand that specializes in the strategic planning and developing of both national and international mega-projects. For over 20 years, the founder of GCD has served as a practical “think tank” and “executor “of several projects that government agencies and/or international organizations aimed to implement but lacked the know-how, human resources, or network to realize the plan or were limited by their own organizational structure, thus preventing them from successfully launching the projects.

Since its inception on April 21, 2015, GCD has been established as a strategic planning company, a business and mega-project consultant, and a co-developer of a sustainable city. Our business models focus on the combination of:

  1. Helping public agencies with public policy planning and implementation;

  2. Finding solutions for social challenges faced by governments by developing mega-projects that   synergise the cooperation of governments around the world;

  3. Consulting and strategic planning for Thai and foreign investors (especially Japanese investors) who are looking for opportunities to start up new businesses in Thailand or in Asia;

  4. Locating professional and local business partners in Thailand to support foreign business   investment and expansion in Thailand or countries in the Asian Economic Community (AEC) by facilitating their joint ventures or merger and acquisition (M&A);

  5. Business matching for Japanese and Thai listed companies looking to sustainably grow their business or expand their business line or penetrate new global markets.

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